optical gel disks zip tied to structure

Bird-X Expands Product Line with Optical Gel Bird Deterrent

Bird-X, Inc., an industry leader in humane bird control solutions, proudly announces the latest addition to its diverse product line - Optical Gel.
bird strike risk with male and female mallard duck flying dangerously close to commercial airplane during take off

Bird Strikes in the Aviation Industry are Increasing. What are the Dangers?

How bird strikes pose a rising threat to aviation safety: understanding the dangers and prevention strategies
Richard Seid, Founder of Bird-X

Bird-X, Inc. Celebrates 60th Anniversary as Established Leader in Bird Control Industry

With a legacy dating back to January 17, 1964, Bird-X, Inc. stands as a distinguished trailblazer and supplier of humane bird control products, now commemorating 60 years of excellence in the industry.
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Bird-X Announces New “Bird Balls” Product Line

Bird-X, Inc. announces the launch of Bird Balls floating covers.

How To Keep Birds From Nesting In Unwanted Places

Has a bird made a nest on your home? If so, it’s likely because…

Do Birds Have A Sense Of Smell?

If you take a close look at birds, you might notice that they…

How To Stop Birds From Flying Into Windows

Windows are a silent and deadly enemy of birds: It is estimated…
crow eating bread

Silicon Valley City Experimenting with Lasers to Deter Crow Infestation

Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of crows have been congregating in heavily trafficked areas of the city.

5 Reasons to Hire Bird Control Professionals Instead of Doing It Yourself

If you have a pest bird problem, you may be tempted to try to install these products yourself (with the help of Google and YouTube, of course), but should you?
disruptions in the supply chain

Don’t Let Material Shortages Hurt Your Business

Unprecedented shortages of raw materials, shipping containers and workers are disrupting and delaying the global supply chain. Let's explore why, and what Bird-X did to get ahead of this problem.