Outdoor Pest Control

Outdoor Pest Control Successfully controlling birds outdoors is much more challenging than keeping them from entering buildings. That’s why Bird-X specializes in this area. Most Bird-X products are designed for outdoor use and have been developed as behavior modification tools; that is, conditioning pests to stay away from treated areas by making the environment seem unwelcoming, uncomfortable, and dangerous.

For Pest Birds

Large areas (up to several acres)

Small areas (buildings, backyards and patios)

  • Ultrasonic devices, such as the Ultrason X, emit sound waves that are silent to most humans and deter pests discreetly
  • Bird netting excludes pest birds from specific areas
  • Bird spikes or a bird repellent gel can be used to protect ledges, rooftops, signs, lights, and much more.
  • Taste aversions keep pests away from grass, turf, structures, statues, and more

For Pest Animals

  • Electronic repellent devices (sonic/ultrasonic) can be used to deter pest animals: we recommend the Critter Blaster PRO, Yard Gard, Solar Yard GardDeer Gard, and the Transonic Mole
  • Scent and taste aversion compounds, such as Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent, can be used to keep pests away from foundations, garages, window wells, gardens, and more. Nature’s Defense repellent granules are 100% organic, deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.
  • Sonic devices, such as the BirdXPeller PRO, can be used in cases where a silent solution is not necessary. Sonic devices cover larger areas and are ideal for effective bird control.