Outdoor Pest Control

For Pest Birds

Large areas (up to several acres)

Small areas (buildings, backyards and patios)

  • Ultrasonic devices, such as the Ultrason X, emit sound waves that are silent to most humans and deter pests discreetly
  • Bird netting excludes pest birds from specific areas
  • Bird spikes or a bird repellent gel can be used to protect ledges, rooftops, signs, lights, and much more.
  • Taste aversions keep pests away from grass, turf, structures, statues, and more

For Pest Animals

  • Electronic repellent devices (sonic/ultrasonic) can be used to deter pest animals: we recommend the Critter Blaster PRO, Yard Gard, Solar Yard GardDeer Gard, and the Transonic Mole
  • Scent and taste aversion compounds, such as Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent, can be used to keep pests away from foundations, garages, window wells, gardens, and more. Nature’s Defense repellent granules are 100% organic, deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.
  • Sonic devices, such as the BirdXPeller PRO, can be used in cases where a silent solution is not necessary. Sonic devices cover larger areas and are ideal for effective bird control.