Got problems with Doves?

dove deterrent devices

Getting Rid of Doves can be approached in a number of ways:

1. Prevent access to landing surfaces. From rooftops to buildings and other suitable landing surfaces, doves can vandalize valuable equipment, vehicles, and walkways with their corrosive droppings. To prevent doves and other pest birds from perching on property surfaces, installing Bird Spikes would be the ideal solution.

2. Make the outside area feel threatening. Sonic repellent devices are more suitable for dove infestation in large outdoor areas. Because food attracts doves and other pest birds to an area, it is important to keep the treated area as clean as possible to achieve maximum results.

3. Annoy birds without irritating neighbors and those nearby. It is possible for doves to invade semi-enclosed areas such as warehouses, airplane hangars, stadiums, and loading docks. In this case, the use of ultrasonic repellers is perfect for facility managers to force away pest birds off the property. Being nearly silent to the human ear, these electronic devices effectively irritate pest doves without irritating humans.

As with all bird control methods, be certain to clean the area thoroughly of bird mess, if possible, to remove territorial markings and optimize bird control results.

Humane dove control methods are equally effective against all types of doves.

Bird-x Products

Bird Spikes

Physical barriers are the most effective way to keep birds off. Wherever applied; physical barriers eliminate the ability to land and perch. Stainless Steel Spikes install easily with Special Spike Adhesive, nails, screws or ties.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

BirdXPeller ® Pro

Covers up to 1 acre.

The BirdXPeller® PRO gets rid of birds by emitting a variety of naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten, and disorient pest birds.


Ultrason X ®

Covers up to 3,600 sq.

The ULTRASON X ® will irritate and alarm birds, rodents, bats, and other pest species without traps or chemicals. Four powerful speakers emit a frequency that is silent to most humans, but will make nuisance animals leave and keep them away!

Ultrason X BEST-SELLING ultrasonic bird deterrent for outdoors

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