Electronic Insect Repellent

Electronic Devices Get Rid of Bugs

Bird-X offers electronic insect repellent products that use audio frequencies to get rid of bugs.

Electronic insect repellent products eliminate the need for chemicals, sprays, poisons, glue traps, and other methods that are unpleasant, messy and unsafe. These sonic and ultrasonic devices emit sound waves that are either audible or silent to humans, using frequencies that insects cannot be around.

  • Transonic Pro for Rodent Control
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Transonic PRO

    Up to 3,500 sq ft
    Sonic & Ultrasonic
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Transonic Bugchaser

    Up to 1,500 sq ft

Use electronic insect repellents here:

  • Homes – Inside and Out
  • Kitchens and Dining Rooms
  • Garages and Sheds
  • Basements, cellars, and attics
  • Offices and warehouses
  • Ranches, cabins, and cottages
  • Barns and stables
  • Anywhere indoors where bugs may become a problem

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