Indoor Pest Control

For Pest Birds

In some situations, you can seal off areas using barrier methods such as bird netting. Netting can be installed across openings to keep birds out of the building entirely. It can also be used to keep birds away from specific surfaces (ceiling rafters, beams, equipment, and many more areas). Bird control spikes can also be beneficial depending on the structure’s design.

When you can’t physically prevent pest birds from entering a building, the best alternative is to make the premises uninhabitable and uninviting. Sound units including ultrasonic bird repellent such as the best-selling QuadBlaster QB-4 repel birds using sound frequencies that are silent to most humans, while audible sonic deterrent devices are effective for deterring birds from larger spaces such as crops or other large open spaces. Visual scares are also effective, especially in combination with sound units, which can include lasers and strobes, or more cost-effective methods.

For Pest Animals

Sonic and ultrasonic electronic devices have years of proven efficiency in deterring many pest animal species. Read the “Applications” tab for each product to determine to correct one for you, or find the species you’re looking for in our Interactive Problem Solver. You can also use netting to exclude animals such as bats, opossums, and more from entering unwanted spaces.