Large Scale Pest Control

Commercial pest control businesses lose millions of dollars each year from pest birds and animals in damage, liability risks, and clean-up costs. Pest problems can also lead to health and safety violations which can ultimately affect the public perception. In these situations, pests need to be prevented with the most effective methods available.

Birds are especially heavily protected by law and cannot be repelled the way most pests can. The public also looks down on potentially dangerous methods like poison or traps. Humane pest control is eco-friendly, safe, and chemical-free..

Total Annual Cost of Pest Birds (per 500 ft. sidewalk cleaned weekly)

  • $35,000 labor
  • 156,000 gallons of water
  • 3,120 kwh electricity
  • Ongoing risk of disease and slip-and-fall liability

Facility managers can choose pest control methods employees and customers will respect while getting the results they need by choosing a facility-wide pest bird and animal control program.

Some facilities have special requirements – the need for discretion, aesthetic concerns, no electricity, fire hazards, and many others. Bird-X offer a variety of solutions for every situation and are willing to work with budgets.

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