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Written by Chrissy Hansen, Media Correspondent for Bird-X, Inc.

“How do I get rid of chipmunks?  They’re burrowing under my deck and causing structural problems, but I don’t want to use poisons because my children and my dogs play in the yard.”

“Rabbits are destroying my vegetable garden.  I need to get rid of them but my kids don’t want me ‘to hurt the bunnies’.”

“The trees in my yard are home to many birds.  Unfortunately, my car is parked in the driveway under those trees and is constantly covered in bird poop.  How can I keep the birds out of the trees?”

I went to a conference last week and talked to a lot of people about what Bird-X does, and these were the kinds of questions I heard over and over.  The idea of ‘green’ and humane pest control sparked immediate interest on a personal level for my fellow attendees.  This made me realize a few interesting things about the pest control industry:

1.  Pest problems are universal to everyone.   It doesn’t matter if you live in the city, the suburbs or the country; whether you have an apartment, a house or a business; or whether you are in the USA, China or Australia – you will experience a pest problem at some point.

2.  Pest problems are not limited to creepy crawlers and big ugly rats.   Pest control is not just about cockroaches, termites and rodents.  Some of the prettiest little birds, the most beautiful deer, and the cutest bunny rabbits can cause serious damage to property.

3.  Pest control is not always about killing.   Many people imagine the pest control expert to be a crazed bug-hunting mercenary in a hazmat suit ready to kill every critter in his path.  This is not the case at all!  There are alternatives to poisons and traps.  Exclusion methods, electronic repellers, visual scares and organic repellent compounds are extremely effective.  Bonus: these alternative solutions are preventative vs. reactionary.

So if you have adorably destructive garden saboteurs, or perhaps lovely songbirds leaving unwanted gifts on your patio – there are ways to keep them away safely, humanely, discreetly and permanently.  Select one of the links below to start solving your pest problem today!

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4 replies
  1. Chase Howard
    Chase Howard says:

    Thanks for sharing this. When I had a termite problem on my property, I had to look up different methods of termite control, and I have found that using chemicals is one of the better options in my opinion. I used it in and around my house after I found that there were a lot of small holes that I missed. I have now learned that you have to do regular inspections of your property so that I don’t have that type of problem again.

  2. Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. Just as we know how much ever cute these little pets are, that much potential damage they cause to our property. Ever since we moved to our countryside home, we have had this really cute birds everywhere in the surroundings. They pooped in every nook and corner of the house and our car. Cleaning the mess day after day was posing a big problem for my wife. Finally we found a solution – we hired professional humane pest control and bird removal experts from Toronto. And Voila now we needn’t worry of walking with bird poop on our shoulders ! :P


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