Bird-X Welcomes Newest Team Member to the Flock

Annie Gavin and birdBird-X, Inc. is pleased to announce Annie Gavin as the company’s new Marketing Manager and Content Producer. Annie wields a B.A. in Mass Communications with a focus on Marketing and Public Relations from Governors State University. For more than five years, she has managed major marketing initiatives, developed engaging content and provided excellent creative services for clients in her former position at a local magazine publishing company.

Regarding the recent acceptance of the position, Annie said, “I am truly delighted to move forward with my career here at Bird-X and its divisions, Yates Moltoid and Cozy Products. My coworkers have been exceptionally supportive and enthusiastic during the on-boarding process and I am confident that I will excel at providing the highest quality support to Bird-X and its customers.”

Annie is a self-proclaimed bird enthusiast with three small parrots of her own and an above-average understanding of bird behavior and biology. “I never thought my interest in birds would help me to land a job, but now I am aiming to make an impact by promoting humane, sustainable bird control.”

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