Solar Mesh Guard Kit

How To Protect Solar Panels from Pests

There is no denying that the entire world is moving towards solar energy solutions. Countries such as Germany are meeting over 50% of their citizen’s energy needs exclusively from solar energy and that trend is growing worldwide. Solar energy is now the most inexpensive and abundant form of energy in the world, and the U.S. alone is projected to reach 4 million solar installations by 2023. As the world increasingly turns towards sustainable energy, solar panel owners face a challenge in reducing maintenance and repair needs for their units. A practical solution to achieve this goal is by protecting solar panels from pests.

Pest damage to solar panels

Pest damage to solar panels can be a significant and expensive issue for solar panel owners. From squirrels chewing through wiring to birds roosting under the panels, the cost of maintenance and repair can add up quickly if the problem is not addressed promptly. However, there are effective preventative measures that can help protect solar panels from pests and minimize the risk of damage and repair costs.

Preventing Damage & Extending Panel Life

Pest control experts recommend installing a physical barrier to exclude unwanted pests from the treated area. This best practice not only ensures that the wiring is inaccessible to pest birds and rodents but also prolongs the life of your solar unit and reduces the amount of maintenance needed to keep it operational. Physical barriers, such as stainless steel mesh netting, prevent pests from accessing underneath solar panels and causing damage.

Why Bird-X Solar Kit?

The Bird-X Solar Mesh Kit was designed specifically for this purpose. The kit includes 100 ft. of durable stainless steel mesh and 100 UV-protected nylon clips. The system securely attaches around the perimeter of the solar panel, ensuring maximum coverage and protection against pest damage. The unique and innovative design of the clips allows them to fasten to the solar panel without the need for drilling holes or using glue, which could potentially void the panel’s warranty. This ensures that the installation process is not only hassle-free but also safe and reliable for your solar panels. Our clips are widely recognized as the best in the industry, thanks to their exceptional durability and ease of use.

Installation is Easy

Our installation video makes it easy. Learn how to use our clips to install the solar mesh in just two simple steps. Click to watch and get started today.

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