‘Hoot’ Knows Owls Best?

How to get rid of owlsPiercing eyes, delicate feathers, and sharp talons are just some of the recognizable features of this popular raptor. As they perch in silence with their big round eyes, owl’s come off as these mysterious creatures of whom you always want to know more. Around 216 species of owls exist in the world today…But, how much do you know about them? Here are 5 spellbinding owl facts that work to support how interesting this raptor is.

The tiniest owl known to exist, takes the name of the Elf Owl. Only about 5 inches tall and 1½ ounces heavy, Elf Owls are known to live a lifespan of about 3-6 years. Found in the southwestern areas of the U.S. and Mexico, these tiny birds search for habitats that provide adequate supply of food towards their insect diets.

Is having 3 eyelids even possible? For owls it is. Owls are equipped with 3 different eyelids that hold 3 different roles. While one eyelid is used for blinking, the second used for sleeping, the third eyelid works to maintain the eye’s cleanliness.

Depending on the type of owl, their choice in meals can be quite intriguing. For example, a Barn Owl holds the ability to eat more than 1,000 mice each year. Some owls may even hunt their own kind for a bite. From insects to small mammals and other birds, an owl’s diet can vary by kind.

In most owl species, females tend to be heavier in weight, larger in build, and more aggressive in nature when compared to males. You go girl!

Owls are able to pivot their neck a whole 270 degrees. But how?! This raptor has a special blood pooling system that helps collect blood to help power their eyes and brain as these neck movements disrupt circulation.

Owls and their unique abilities just add more to their stunning appearance. From triple eyelids to their crazy neck skills, this creature seems nothing less of interesting.

Written by Nicole Afable for Bird-X, Inc.