Sonic Bird Control

Eliminate pest birds from any area with natural bird calls!

Sonic bird repellers are easy to install, fully programmable and volume-controlled, and extremely effective. Broadcast sonic bird alarm calls and predator cries that condition pest birds to stay away from the area – one sonic device can cover multiple acres of land!

For silent devices or smaller areas, check out our Ultrasonic Bird Repellers here.

Property managers must keep facilities safe and free of health hazards. Pest birds and their droppings create unsanitary conditions, cause untold billions of cleaning and repair costs, liability and accident risks, along with contamination and disease. Using naturally recorded sonic bird distress calls and predator cries keep birds and their mess away from any facility or home.

Use sonic bird control here:

Sonic bird control is extremely versatile. Most customers choose it for outdoor use, from backyards to entire airfields. Even our smaller sound units cover up to one acre. Sonic bird repellents can cover large areas:

Factories & warehouses

Parking lots & structures

Marinas, boats & docks

Parks & sports fields

Shopping malls

Agricultural; crops

Airports & hangars

Homes, rooftops & yards

Feed lots & fish farms

Dr. Whitford Working on Sonic Bird Repellent Device

How sonic bird control works

Sonic bird deterrents incorporate birds’ instinctive fear of danger to condition their behavior. Through scientific research and collaboration with wildlife experts, Bird-X has developed state-of-the-art audio of bird predator, distress, alarm, & alert calls.

Our sonic bird control devices broadcast threatening recordings, telling birds within range to steer clear of the area.

The sounds utilized are natural and highly effective. Many passers-by don’t even realize a sonic device is in use. You can select volume, interval timing & bird species according to your specific needs.

Success Strategy

Variation is key. Units combine predator calls with distress calls of your target species. Bird-X sonic bird deterrents are pre-programmed and ready to use – they are also fully customizable, allowing a variety of sound frequencies, durations, & intervals for a variety of applications & to prevent birds from acclimating.

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