5 Reasons to Hire Bird Control Professionals Instead of Doing It Yourself

Written by Jackson Spencer

When installed properly, humane bird control products are without a doubt the best way to deter birds. If you have a pest bird problem, you may be tempted to try to install these products yourself (with the help of Google and YouTube, of course), but should you? Here are the five most important reasons why you should hire a professional bird control installer rather than trying to do the job yourself.

1)  Avoid Harming Birds

Bird spikes and netting are both non-lethal solutions and should cause no harm to any wild bird when they are installed properly. However, according to the British Pest Control Association, there have been disturbing reports of birds being caught in improperly installed nets and even impaled on spikes that were installed incorrectly by non-professionals. This is completely avoidable when nets and spikes are properly installed and maintained by a professional.

2)  Avoid Lawsuits

Depending on your location, it may be illegal to remove nests from specific species of birds. Dee Ward-Thompson is head of technical and membership at the British Pest Control Association. She said: “All wild birds, their eggs and their nests are protected by law, so we strongly recommend that you don’t try to control or manage birds yourself.” Wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, but certain species may need to be controlled for specific reasons, including public health and safety concerns. Professional bird control installers are knowledgeable about the local laws and best ways to manage a nesting population. They will also know the most effective ways to eliminate a potential infestation before it happens, saving time and money in the long run. (Source)

3)  Bird Control Professionals Are More Knowledgeable

Bird control professionals will know everything about the species they’re managing including nesting habits, social behaviors, migratory patterns and most effective (and ineffective) ways to deter the population for good. A trained and qualified professional will create an integrated avian pest management solution that protects the birds – and this will include working with premises owners to identify the root of the problem, such as openings allowing access to a nesting site, or waste disposal systems that may offer a food source to birds.

4)  PCO’s Have Access to More Tools

Pest control operators are trained in bird control and have access to a range of professional use products and tools which are not available to the public. With access to more specialized tools, pest control operators have an easier and safer way of installing the most effective solutions available.

5)  Save Money

Although you may be hesitant to hire a bird control professional because of the cost, you’ll actually save money in the long run. Bird control installers make sure the correct solution is selected and the installation is done right the first time. Whereas, if the installation is not done properly it could end up harming birds, being ineffective, and costing more for a replacement. Bird control installers will know which method of bird control is best for your problem and species, which means you won’t waste time and money trying to install products that aren’t recommended for your specific problem.

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