How To Keep Birds From Nesting In Unwanted Places

Has a bird made a nest on your home? If so, it’s likely because the nest is in a safe place where predators cannot easily access it. Moreover, birds typically nest high up, such as on ledges or in nooks and crannies.

Where do birds make nests on your home? They’re likely to nest in the windowsills, gutters, slanted roofing, downspouts and corners of your property. Moreover, nests can become messy and ultimately, a nuisance. Read on to learn how to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places.

Tips on How to Stop Birds From Nesting

Birds can be appealing to the eyes and ears. However, when they build a nest in an inconvenient place on or around your home, it can become bothersome and even unsafe for baby birds, especially if you have pets or children.

Consider these simple and humane tips to prevent a bird’s nest:

1. Create Alternative Nesting Places

You can try to lure birds away from your home by creating more attractive nesting options. For example, consider putting up birdhouses in an area far from your property.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

Birds often move in when they have access to food such as plants or seeds from feeders. If this is the case, consider moving them away from your home until nesting season is finished.

3. Utilize Mirrors

Birds enjoy nesting in undisturbed places. You can change this environment by hanging mirrors or Irri-Tape, which create flashes of light to disturb the feathered creatures, helping to prevent a bird’s nest.

4. Trim Vegetation

Aside from building nests on your home, birds also seek places such as shrubs, bushes and trees. Trimming these types of vegetation helps them appear less protected, which can deter birds.

How to Keep Birds From Building Nests With the Right Products

There are many humane solutions to help deter birds from your property. Exclusion methods and physical barriers are recommended and are the most effective.

At Bird-X, we offer premium grade bird netting that stops birds from perching, roosting and entering unwanted areas. It is 100% effective when installed properly and is available in multiple sizes. Moreover, this heavy-duty netting still allows air, light and moisture to flow through. An additional perk of using bird netting is that it stops birds from flying into windows.

We also offer the AviAngle™ ledge exclusion system, which prevents birds from landing on ledges. Best of all, this product is resistant to virtually all weather conditions and is easily installed using adhesive, nails and wood screws.

Why Choose Bird-X?

For 50-plus years, Bird-X has been providing humane bird and pest control solutions worldwide. Our products focus on quality and efficacy, and help businesses and homes resolve their pest bird problems. Moreover, we are constantly using advanced technology to create effective and eco-friendly solutions.

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