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Bird-X Welcomes Jeff Federman to the Team

Bird-X, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of Jeff Federman as its new National Account Manager. Graduated from the University of Kansas in 2003, Federman has a rich background as a sales professional and is enthusiastic to get top-rated bird control solutions into the hands of pest control professionals, facilities managers, and anyone who […]

How to Keep Common Pests out of your Garden

Has the neighbor’s cat overstayed its welcome in your yard? Or perhaps you were hoping to have a more bountiful harvest, but rabbits have been helping themselves to the fruits of your labor? Whatever the problem is, there is an effective, humane way to handle it that doesn’t involve harmful pesticides. Here are a few […]

Goose Control: Getting Ahead of Molting Season

Time is of the essence when it comes to goose control. One of the biggest challenges bird control professionals face is attempting to reroute a Canada Goose population after the geese have already selected a brooding area and undergone a molt for the season. At this point, attempts to reroute the goose population will likely […]

The Bird Control Toolbox: Bird Deterrents and Bird Exclusion Devices

If you’re in the business of bird control, you’re likely already familiar with best practices for all the different types of bird problems. For newcomers to the industry, understanding the distinction between Bird Deterrent and Bird Exclusion can make all the difference in the world when learning to plan solutions. “People don’t always realize there’s […]