optical gel disks installed on ledge

Bird-X Expands Product Line with Optical Gel Bird Deterrent

ELMHURST, Ill. — Bird-X, Inc., an industry leader in humane bird control solutions, proudly announces the latest addition to its diverse product line – Optical Gel. This addition marks an advancement in the company’s commitment to providing effective and ethical bird control measures.

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight, smell and touch. The disks use birds’ enhanced visual acuity and ability to perceive UV-light to create the illusion of fire or smoke, driving pest birds to find a safer alternative to perch and roost. Optical Gel also uses peppermint oil and citronella, scents that birds dislike, and a sticky texture to make the treated area undesirable to pest birds.

“We are excited to offer Optical Gel to the marketplace. Optical Gel is now another tool in our arsenal to help mitigate stubborn bird issues. It’s another step Bird-X has taken to ensure our customers have all available product options to deliver the best results,” said Josh Pierce, Sales Manager.

Key features of Optical Gel

  • Humane & Non-lethal: Optical Gel disrupts birds’ visual perception, encouraging them to relocate without causing harm.
  • All Natural & Eco-Friendly: Optical Gel is made with agar and beeswax, making this product truly all-natural & eco-friendly.
  • Easy Installation: The disks are designed for quick and hassle-free installation, making them suitable for various environments. Optical Gel can be installed with an adhesive, a magnet base or zip ties.
  • Long-lasting Effectiveness: Optical Gel maintains its deterrent properties for up to four years, providing sustained bird control solutions.
  • Versatile: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the disks can be applied to various surfaces, including ledges, sills, and beams.
  • Discreet: Optical Gel disks are only 2-1/2 in. diameter and 1/4 in. tall, making them ideal for areas where aesthetics are a concern.

Optical Gel is guaranteed for two years when installed as specified by the manufacturer. The site shall be cleaned thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner (we recommend the Bird-X EVO Cleaner). Glue down with a silicone adhesive for best results. Space disks no more than 6 inches center to center.

To place an order or learn more about Optical Gel, contact our customer support team at 312-226-2473. The Bird-X team is committed to providing exceptional assistance and information to ensure customers make informed choices for effective bird management.

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