Bird-X Announces New Bird Balls Product Line

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ELMHURST, ILL — Bird-X, Inc. announces the launch of Bird Balls floating covers. The Bird Balls product line protects water-based areas from birds and wildlife with three unique shapes to choose from, each providing up to 99% coverage.

Bird Balls is a product line of floating bird and wildlife deterrents that rest on the surface of the water and provide up to 99% coverage for water-based areas. These floating covers block geese, ducks, swans, gulls, and other wildlife from entering or interacting with the body of water. Bird Balls make water unattractive and inaccessible to birds, encouraging them to leave the area for more suitable resources. There are three unique shapes to choose from including the Armor Ball AQUA, Hexprotect AQUA, and Rhombo Hexoshield.

“Bird-X’s Bird Balls are an extremely effective, low-maintenance, long-term, all-weather solution for eliminating the attraction of birds and other wildlife to bodies of water, especially in areas where their presence can be detrimental to humans and to themselves, such as airport detention and retention ponds,” states Tom Olmsted, National Account Manager for Bird-X, Inc.

In addition to bird and wildlife control, Bird Balls also reduce liquid loss through evaporation by up to 95%, reduce chemical consumption, reduce heating costs by up to 85%, provide algae control, odor control, and prohibits growth of clogging weeds. Bird Balls have a wide range of applications including airport retention & retention ponds, biogas plants, cement plants, chemical plants, dairies, frac pond covers, TSS Removal, reservoirs, mines, slurry tanks, municipal water and wastewater reservoirs.

Bird Balls are eco-friendly, fully recyclable, long-lasting (lifespan up to 25 years), weather-resistant, and require little to no maintenance. Contact our bird control specialists to place an order at 800-662-5021 or +1 (312) 226-2473. For more information, visit:

About Bird-X: Since 1964, Bird-X continues to be the industry leader in humane and eco-friendly bird and wildlife control products. The company is dedicated to protecting human health, wildlife, and the environment with innovative solutions.

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