Bad economy means no pest control in Wales county

According to This is South Wales, county in south Wales has taken up a questionable practice to saving money: eliminating pest control. Of course, this has had it’s consequences. Now, rats are everywhere and citizens are gettign concerned.

One Llanelli resident, who asked not to be names, said: “Failure to control rodents will lead to an increase in disease and deaths.

“This is a fact.

“Rodents cause billions of pounds of damage to foodstuffs, drainage systems and properties.”

Tough the move will save the county tens of tousands from now until 2013, it still isn’t a well-thought-out plan. Rats carry 17 diseases, and, like the resident said, can spread many of those diseases easily to humans. And county residents are well aware of these facts.

The resident added: “Only those who have experienced a rodent infestation in their home can appreciate the fear and worry caused.

“To do away with the existing pest control service is false economy, but worse it is a denial of one of the council’s fundamental responsibilities and that is to protect public health.”

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  • Keiylla

    I hope whatever it is doesn’t eat tghruoh the holes in the net. I have had birds or something eating on about 70% of my tomatoes, just as they are ripening. I am very frustrated. I have had a little damage on the yellow summer squash. I have some nice acorn squashes growing that I’m worried they may decide to take bites out of, too. I’m subscribing to the follow up comments, and would like to know how the net worked for you.


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