Propane cannons causing problems in British Columbia

A Surrey, British Columbia resident recently complained about the bird control methods practiced at a nearby blueberry farm. The suburban Vancouver farm is using propane cannons to scare birds away from their crops. And, according to the Abbotsford News, more than one person has been displeased.

Bradner (B.C.) resident Don Gibbs is a member of Ban the Cannons, a group focusing on eliminating the use of propane cannons. The group formed in 2001 and has fought for a break from the ear sores. They took their cause to the courts that favored on their side on the use of the cannons at the blueberry farm. Their recent success gives them optimism for their long-term goal: banning the cannons completely.

“We were very excited to hear about the ruling. We have been fighting this thing for years,” said Gibbs. “We think the ruling has a lot of potential.”

The guidelines of the ruling calls for “a more sensible approach to cannon use, ordering farmers to monitor their fields and only use the cannons when a ‘significant’ number of birds are present.” Though Gibbs is satisfied with the ruling, he still wants more.

Blueberry farms are like an all-you-can-eat buffet to birds. Acres of ground-dwelling berries and plenty of room to relax between meals is tempting. Shooting off cannons is successful in detering birds…for a while. Once the cannons stop, or once they get used to the repetitive noise, the birds will keep feasting on the crops.

The best solution to this problem is bird netting. Netting works well because it physically hinders the birds from picking away at crops. It also makes nesting, roosting and resting impossible.

Bird-X carries three kinds of netting: standard, heavy duty and premium. Each of them are designed for specific areas, issues and birds for maximum effectiveness. And the good thing about netting is that it deters ALL pest animals. So deer, coyotes, squirrels and anything else you’re concerned about will no longer be an issue.

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