Bird-X, Inc Supplies Bird Netting Despite Industry Professionals Reporting Shortage

Industry professionals have been reporting unanticipated difficulty obtaining bird netting needed for bird control jobs. Bird netting is among the most effective methods to exclude wildlife from designated areas and is considered an essential piece of equipment for bird control professionals worldwide. In spite of this shortage, Bird-X confirms that the company has netting in stock and is able to meet supply demands during this reported shortage.

Regarding the shortage of industry supplies, Bird-X Sales Manager, Josh Pierce, said the following, “At Bird-X, we take great pride in our ability to provide industry-leading service. I believe our ability to plan and forecast our customer’s product needs greatly differentiates Bird-X from our competitors. We are consistently incorporating new inventory tools, capital investment and market intelligence to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs.”

Bird-X ships bird control supplies from multiple locations within the U.S. to ensure a timely delivery. The product line includes various grades, sizes, and lengths to accommodate any job. Bird-X also supplies all hardware and tools required to professionally install netting.

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