Maintain the Beauty of Your Home and Garden

by Jackson Spencer

Pest birds can damage the beauty of homes, businesses, gardens, etc. Bird droppings can transmit over 60 diseases and can be corrosive to many types of surfaces.

How it Works

The way this product works is by emitting naturally recorded species-specific distress calls or predator noises that alert the pest bird that the area is unsafe. There are 8 different recordings programmed on this device ranging from bird alert and alarm calls to aggressive raptor noises. For instance, if a customer wanted to get rid of pigeons, they could switch on 2-3 recordings at a time. These recordings may include a pigeon distress call, a pigeon/predator call combination, and a general predator call. There are many different combinations of recordings that are available to use on this device along with multiple modes that determine when and how the device activates. These modes can be set to go off constantly, in intervals, or randomly throughout the day.

How Loud is it?

The BirdXPeller Pro includes a volume knob to adjust the audio to a level of the customer’s choosing. However, for the product to perform most effectively, it must be loud enough for the bird to hear but not loud enough to the point where it is unnatural. This device can cover up to 1 acre. Bird-X also offers speaker extensions to increase the coverage of the BirdXPeller by 1 acre per extension, making this perfect for outdoor usage.

To find out which option is best for your bird problem, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 312-226-2473.