The Difference Between Sonic and Ultrasonic Animal Deterrents

Written by Jackson Spencer, Marketing Assistant at Bird-X

Summer is arriving soon! Which means better weather, longer days, and the emergence of more wildlife. What better way to spend it than being at a beach, under the sun, drink in hand, with a dozen seagulls scavenging above.

Bird-X offers the perfect solutions to humanely deter any pesky seagull or bird from the premises. With Bird-X sonic and ultrasonic bird repellers, customers have a variety of options to deter birds to their liking. These bird repellers work by emitting a sound that irritates and disorients the birds causing them to avoid the area. Although ultrasonic and sonic repellers essentially end up with similar results, there are a few major differences between the two.

A Bird-X sonic repeller is a deterrent that uses audible sounds; specifically, authentically recorded predator calls and bird distress calls. This product is loud enough for the birds to hear but not loud enough to the point where it is unnatural. This causes other birds to instinctively avoid the area in hopes that they do not end up suffering like the bird producing the distress calls. This product has a large range of effectiveness making it great for outdoor usage. Furthermore, it is environmentally safe, easy to use, and consumes very little electricity. One of the advantages of a sonic repeller over an ultrasonic is that the results are almost immediate, whereas ultrasonic repellers may take longer to irritate the bird.

A Bird-X ultrasonic repeller is another electronic bird deterrent that uses high frequencies to aggravate birds and other pests. These ultrasonic frequencies are so high that it is unable to be heard by most humans. The range of coverage on this product is not as large as the range of the sonic repellers, making it perfect for indoors, semi-enclosed outdoors, and more confined spaces.

To figure out which option is best for your bird problem, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 312-226-2473.

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