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Bed Bug Monitors

Bird-X Bed Bug Monitors are simple, discreet, and can be used in any environment. These small, clear plastic bug monitors actively lure bed bugs (if they are present or nearby) into the secure packaging, where they become stuck to the adhesive coating / glue board.

Most bug traps and glue boards only catch the critters if they happen to crawl across that particular surface, requiring a lot of waiting and guessing. Bird-X Bug Monitors feature semiochemicals that actively lure nearby bugs into the monitor, where they become stuck to the lure board’s adhesive coating. Once captured, it is important to confirm and identify bed bugs so that you are able to quickly find the best solution before a more serious infestation occurs.

  • Bed Bug ALERT® Monitor

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  • Proprietary attractant gel contains semiochemicals that actively lure nearby bed bugs into the monitor where they become stuck to the lure board’s adhesive coating
  • Safe, secure plastic harborage surrounds the lure board so that any trapped bugs are out of reach from children and pets
  • Harborage withstands weight, pressure, and moisture
  • Can be used in high humidity areas
  • Can be easily handled, moved, and placed in tight spaces without compromising the lure
  • Small, clear, discreet monitors can be placed anywhere bugs are suspected
  • Clear viewing window makes inspection simple; can be checked daily and reused
  • Increased shelf-life – the interior lure board has a paper liner that keeps the chemical lure and the surrounding adhesive fresh until ready to use – just peel and place
  • Chemical lure is isolated from the adhesive to increase the active attractant effect
  • Five low-rising textured entrances encourage bug entry
  • Large adhesive surface area
  • Dimensions: 2.875” x 1.9” x 0.43” / weight: 5 grams
  • Snap-top allows user to easily dispose of bugs and reuse monitor

City of Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance 2014

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