Texas Ranch Owner Solves Critter Problem

In Southwest Texas, Hugh Prifogle was becoming frustrated.  About 200 miles from his home, he owned a little property on which rested a lovely vacation ranch and a 25-foot travel trailer.  He tried to make the trip down to the ranch at least once a month, but that was not always possible.  And each time he did, there were more and more unexpected surprises.

Pest animals were invading his trailer!  Field mice were getting into everything, leaving droppings and causing damage.   Raccoons were coming up through the floor.  Prifogle found himself cleaning and repairing the property every time he visited.

He tried pest control poisons and bug bombs to keep the critters away.  Not only did these tactics not work, but they just created health hazards and resulted in the need for even more cleaning.

Then Prifogle saw an ad for the Bird-X Transonic PRO in a magazine ad, and he called to purchase the unit right away.  The Transonic PRO is a device that emits both sonic (audible) and ultrasonic (silent-to-humans) sound waves, and runs 24/7 to keep pest animals and bugs away.  No chemicals, no traps, no mess.

There was only one problem: there was no electricity in the trailer…

First Prifogle tried using a battery to run the Transonic PRO.  It lasted a month.  Then he had an even better idea.  He purchased solar panels that he mounted on the roof and hooked up to two parallel batteries.  It worked great.

Four months later, Prifogle returned to his ranch and found no signs of pest animals anywhere.

“We’re very satisfied with the machine. I tell all my friends about it, and they’re all gonna get one!”

Now Hugh Prifogle can visit his ranch without worrying about what shape the trailer will be in.  No more unsanitary dropping messes. No more unnecessary damages. The Transonic PRO saved this ranch-owner time and money, while giving him back a little peace of mind.

“I’m delighted with the machine. It literally saved us.”

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