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Lifelike Visual Scares for Birds

We are all used to seeing the stationary plastic owls, put in up in the hope of frightening smaller birds away.  Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who are used to them – so are the birds!

Vision is a bird’s most keen sense.  This is why using visual scare products is one of the most effective and economical bird control methods.  The key is: the visual scare needs to be lifelike and should include some element of movement or surprise to keep the birds from getting used to the threat.

Bird-X has successfully offered a flying Great Horned Owl for some years – Prowler Owl.  It’s been a strong seller, with an effective reputation.  The airfoil design makes the four-foot wingspan quiver and move in the slightest breeze, giving a frighteningly real quality to the product.  Now in a new redesign, the Bird-X R&D team has gone all-out to make the Prowler Owl even more natural and realistic!

Artists and bird experts collaborated to make the most realistic and effective owl decoy overproduced.  The wings and the belly of the new Prowler Owl are designed from images of actual owl plumage, taken from multiple angles.  The unique owl head was sculpted by clay artist Mr. Li Jian Xin, presenting the owl in authentic flight position.

To the human eye, the new Prowler Owl looks pretty cool!  To birds, it is a terrifying threat that will repel them quickly and permanently.

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