For better bird control, please use as advised

As consumers, we are constantly inundated with product instructions and warnings.  *Keep refrigerated.  *Dry clean only. *Bake at 350° for one hour.  *Do not take while operating heavy machinery.  And so on and so forth.

The thing is – our adherence to these guidelines directly affects the outcome of our experiences.  The products we purchase are only as effective as our efforts to use them correctly.  This is especially true with products that aim to control wildlife, pest birds and animals.  The instructions are important.  They are based on scientific evidence and tests that have determined which methods have the highest probability of success.

Best Practices for Visual Scares

For instance, Bird-X visual scare products – such as the 3D Coyote and the Terror Eyes – are extremely effective at frightening pest birds away from open outdoor areas.  The instructions direct users to move the units occasionally to prevent acclimation.  This practice is THE KEY to achieving continued success when repelling pest birds from the same area, using the same visual scare device(s), long-term.

Application Guidelines for Gels

Bird Proof Gel is another product that requires careful application.  This tacky gel makes ledges and other surfaces sticky and uncomfortable to birds, conditioning them to stay away.  Most surfaces require only a ½” bead (strip) of gel that runs approximately 1” from the outside edge.  Bird Proof Gel instructions explicitly warn against over-application.  When users apply more than the recommended amount of gel to surfaces, they are endangering smaller bird species that may have a hard time escaping the thick application.

Ultrasonic Strategy

Ultrasonic bird control also requires strategic implementation.  Pest birds have been found to avoid ultrasonic frequencies due to extreme discomfort.  When ultrasonic bird control devices are used in small outdoor areas, semi-enclosed spaces or indoor areas – the results have proven to be excellent.  When these devices are used in large open areas, pest birds are less affected. This is because the direct projection and short wavelengths of ultrasonic frequencies make these sound waves most effective when they can bounce off walls, ceilings, or other obstructions.

In order to get the most out of your bird control solutions, read and follow the instructions carefully – for the sake of your investment AND for the sake of the birds.

Questions about product usage? Ask our dedicated team.

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