What is the best way to keep pigeons off my ledge?

How to get pigeons off ledges

Pigeons, like most birds, are attracted to places that provide roosting and nesting opportunities, food, and shelter. Backyard decks, patios, roofs, and gutters are seen as perfect situations for pigeons to set up shop. We all know that they carry many diseases. And they can be a bit of a pain, disrupting your peaceful day in the backyard flying around and dropping bombs everywhere.

Cheapest way to keep pigeons off your stuff: Bird Proof Gel

So, what can you do to effectively and inexpensively get rid of them? Bird-X actually carries a product, Bird Proof Gel, that works instantaneously. Place some on any surface where pigeons roost, like ledges and gutters, and the surface immediately becomes uncomfortable, making the area sticky and unappealing. Don’t worry; the gel is completely harmless to the birds and non-toxic. It is also discreet and low profile as to not make your property less appealing visually. We also offer several other pigeon control products to depending on the needs of your property.

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