Fall Bird Season – Keep Birds Away All Year

As cold weather creeps in and we get deeper into fall bird season, bird control priorities become slightly different.  However, there is still a lot that can be done this time of year to keep birds away all year long.  Here are some tips for a better approach to fall bird season/pest bird control:

Stop birds from perching

Fall bird season is peak migration time and pest bird numbers have grown due to the addition of this year’s young.   Stop birds – large flocks and passersby – from resting on rooftops by installing bird spikes or bird wire on the most convenient ledges. To protect signs, light posts and other higher-profile perches from larger pest bird species such as starlings and pigeons, apply the discreet-yet-highly-effective Bird Proof Gel.

Stop birds from feeding

Cold weather during the fall bird season can deplete many bird food sources. Fewer bugs, berries, and seeds mean that pest birds will become more aggressive to reach these remaining sources of food. Do a proper survey of the property to make sure food sources are not going to attract pest birds. Something as simple as poor waste management or standing water is enough to attract a flock of birds if they feel their basic needs are being met. Keep birds away and stop birds from decimating fall foliage with exclusion netting. Pest bird netting is 100% effective when installed properly.  To protect lawns and fields from foraging geese and other migrating waterbirds, apply a liquid taste aversion like Bird Stop to turf.

Stop birds from entering buildings

As the weather continues to cool down, non-migratory birds will start looking for warm shelter in human-made structures such as warehouses, parking garages, attics, barns, sheds, and other buildings — particularly human-altered environments nearby a source of food and water. When conducting site evaluations, look for weaknesses in infrastructure that could offer pest birds a potential entry point. Installing bird exclusion netting earlier in the season could prevent birds from settling in or on your property.

Deter geese from settling

Fall bird season is actually the BEST time to remove stubborn resident geese from property.  During other seasons it can be extremely difficult to deter geese.  Use the one-of-a-kind GooseBuster sonic repellent system to remove current geese and to discourage any transient geese from settling for the winter. It’s important to keep in mind that geese are drawn to areas with access to bodies of water. To block geese from entering bodies of water where they could cause problems, such as airport retention ponds, use Bird Balls floating covers. For more information about effective goose control, read this blog post.

Stop nests from attracting birds next year

For many species of migratory birds, it is illegal to remove nests while the nests are still active. Because of this, fall is the best time to do a little pest bird cleaning.  Nests, feathers, and other bird debris can become a source of attraction for more pest birds next year.  Make sure nests have been vacated before carefully removing them.  If bird droppings are present on the premises (particularly in large quantities), use a cleaner labeled for bird droppings for a safer and easier cleanup.

Just because birds are flying south for the winter doesn’t mean bird season is over. If you are located in the South, then you already know that bird season and effective bird control is a year-round commitment! Right now is an opportunity to prepare for next year and offer preventative services to customers.

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