I live in a gated community. Not a hoity-toity community or anything, but a nice place to live. Especially with the well manicured landscapes and park-like atmosphere. And it is quite serene. My wife and I like to take walks around our little community and my son loves tossing rocks in the ponds and running across “his” bridge.

We just added a new member to our family – a black Labrador puppy. He’s great! We take him for extended walks, but clean up after him wherever we go. Not so is the case with our neighbors who take their dog out early in the morning and late at night. And each morning and each night I find that I have to clean up an extra helping of poop because my neighbor lets his dog defecate in my yard and does not clean up after it.

There are several dog owners in our community and several “curb” or clean up after their pets. Yet there are a few who don’t. And there’s nothing worse than having to clean up after someone else’s pet.

I have talked to my neighbor, called my association so they could fine him, and even called the non-emergency police to let them know so they could fine him too, but nothing worked. I was at my wit’s end with my neighbor. I actually sat in the bushes early one morning and sprayed him and his dog with my garden hose. This is not something I want to do every morning and he is obviously doing this on purpose now (as opposed to letting his dog crap in my yard on purpose before I started asking him to politely curb his dog).

Yard Gard Electronic Pest Repellent Device

Yard Gard Electronic Pest Repellent Device

And that’s when I figured that the Yard Gard I had from Bird-X, Inc. was going to be my new dog defense system. I had purchased a Yard Gard unit to keep squirrels and rabbits out of my wife’s garden – and it sure did the trick! (I work at this company and was so happy to see firsthand that the humane solution is really the best solution). So I took the Yard Gard and placed it in my front yard (hidden, of course) and turned it on its motion sensor mode and left it to annoy my neighbor’s dog.

I know, you’re wondering how it affects my own dog. Well, here’s the thing: since it is an ultrasonic unit (meaning that its sounds are above human hearing), it cannot penetrate walls. So I leave my dog inside my house and let me neighbor bring his dog over to poop in my yard. You know what? That dog avoids my yard like the plague. And now the dog poops in his “master’s” yard. Now he’s forced to pick up the poop. And I have a poop free yard. And I turn the unit off when I walk my own dog.

If you have any questions on how to keep dogs from pooping in your yard, just check out the Yard Gard at and see how you can keep your lawn dog poop free. If you need a BIG solution to your dog or pest prob lem, look into the Critter Blaster electronic, sonic pest repeller.

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  • veronica

    i live in texas i suddenly change to a neighborhood but i have a problem i dont like dogs and i dont have any animals on my house but here are alots of dogs and cats that likes to come and pup on my garden i have gates but i dont know why they likes to come inside everymorning went i go out it have to be a pup


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