Critter Blaster PRO®

Permanently eliminate pest problems with our most aggressive sonic product. Designed for use in large outdoor areas, the Critter Blaster PRO is designed for large, remote outdoor areas and uses digitally recorded, customizable harassment sounds to repel ALL animals.

 WEATHERPROOF – with 4 directional speakers

 CUSTOMIZABLE – 8 sounds that can be played at intervals of your choice

 EFFECTIVE – covers 6 acres with one unit



With a range of up to 6 acres, the aggressive digitally recorded sounds of the Critter Blaster PRO will irritate and alarm ALL species without traps or chemicals. Four powerful, directional speakers can be mounted anywhere to emit a series of harassment sounds that drive animals away and train them to stay away. 

The Critter Blaster PRO is fully programmable with 8 digitally recorded sounds that can be played at various intervals. The weatherproof and flexible coverage makes it perfect for large outdoor areas. Plus, it comes with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee to assure your unwanted guests are gone for good!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ANIMALS AND BIRDS are repelled by Critter Blaster PRO. Do not use around pets or in public areas.