What’s Wrong with Poisoning Pigeons?

There have been quite a few baffling incidents in which birds “mysteriously” fall from the sky in metropolitan areas. After crookedly plummeting from the sky, the birds would lie on the ground, flap erratically and then cease from further movement. A closer glance at the hectic sight would reveal groups of disoriented birds convulsing as if traumatized prior to an inevitable death. Given the circumstances of these environments, it is not unusual to presume that these birds have been victims of senseless poisoning.

Pigeon poisoning is an ineffective, irrational, and inhumane method of bird removal.

People waste time and money on pest exterminators. Poisoning birds is useless in the long run. A common misconception is that after a few pigeons digest the poison and die, the others will “learn” to stay away. Pigeons are not the exactly the smartest creatures. Quite frankly, the poisoning method serves as no communication to the bird flock. For all they know, the death of their flockmate could have been incidental. As long as the space is desirable—meaning that it provides food, shelter, and a foundation for breeding—the birds will continue to inhabit the area. If a sufficient amount birds from a given flock die from poisoning, more space is created. The extra space is like an open invitation for more birds to inhabit the area, making it just as populated—if not more—as it was before hard-earned money was thrown into the pockets of the pest extermination company.

The poison can also affect involuntary bystanders. Witnesses to this cacophony may suffer from erroneous panic or blatant disgust for the “culprits.” The haphazard use of poisoning can easily attack the nervous system of other animals. Even humans can have adverse side effects, as in the horrific case of the Casey family in 2000.

I am no radical animal rights activist; I am simply a human who is capable of expressing logical compassion towards another organism. Poisoning pigeons is a redundant, sadistic crime. No organism deserves to suffer from a slow, painful death.

Before you resort to poisoning pigeons out of sheer desperation and helplessness, consider safer alternatives. Bird-X, Inc. has established a name for itself in the humane animal control industry since 1964. All Bird-X products are effective deterrents alone, but if stubborn cases require additional attention, a combination of Bird-X products (including Bird Spikes) will work synergistically to create a truly undesirable roosting environment.

What The Heck Are Bird Spikes?!?

Have you ever shot a perplexed glance at an establishment, carefully focusing on those pointy and somewhat displaced thingamajigs that comfortably lie on the ledges? Those seemingly never-ending strips of prickled solid can be found amongst a variety of structures, ranging from personal homes to corporate empires. I suppose we should address these gizmos by their correct name—bird spikes.

Bird Spikes on Subway Sign

Bird Spikes on Subway Sign

Bird spikes are used to prevent germ-infested, undomesticated birds from roosting in a particular area. They work by making the available area that birds are able to land on undesirable, forcing them to land elsewhere. Bird spikes can be placed on virtually any flat surface, and are commonly found in areas where birds are liable to come in contact with humans. They can also prevent miniature rodents from crossing a particular area.

Let’s face it, feral birds are as annoying as they are disease-infested. Their obnoxious calls are loud enough to invoke infuriation—and perhaps insomnia— onto an entire neighborhood. Their vile feces are contaminated enough to bring a gradual death upon an innocent victim. Their presence is enough to bring down the value and aesthetic appeal of a property.

No one wants filthy birds—accompanied by a heaping dose of detrimental ramifications—invading their property, correct? Wild birds need to be ridded from properties! But harming or killing birds is not a valid option! Not only is it illegal to do so in some places, but it is ineffective as well. Sure, one may receive instant “gratification” by harming the exact bird that made him become a raging insomniac, but how exactly would that prevent migratory flocks from roosting? It wouldn’t. Property owners who use humane solutions such as bird spikes are completely aware of this.

The next time you fix your eyes upon an establishment’s eye-invoking beauty, take into consideration the extent to which the property owners are saving you from a bird dilemma. Enjoy every non-feces-infested gasp of air while gazing at its non-bird-invaded scenic view.

If you are experiencing bird issues and wish to rid them from your property in an ethical manner, visit Bird-X.com for a free evaluation or Click  for more detailed information about Bird Spikes.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

Bird-X BroadBand PRO effectively deters birds from Waste Management Transfer Station

Keeping the birds at bay with electronics at Waste Management

Two managers from a waste management transfer station in Somerville, Massachusetts have developed a “three-pronged approach” aimed at preventing swarms of unpleasant birds from invading their facility. The incorporation of Bird-X’s sonic sound device into their theorized approach has led to a remarkable improvement.

Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s especially bad during the winter months,” said DeFranceschi, “when there is a lot of snow cover on the ground, the birds get hungry and start looking for food.”

The bedrock of their offensive is the Bird-X BroadBand PRO, an automated system utilizing the calls of natural bird predators to discourage birds from entering the transfer station.

“The BroadBand PRO randomly plays back sounds that are pre-programmed into the device,” said Richer. “You can select various bird distress sounds or predator sounds, like falcon or hawk calls that cause the pigeons to vacate the area.”

The consensus between DeFranceschi and Richer is that the Bird-X device is perhaps the most effective bird-determent tactic.

The entire article can be found here: http://www.wickedlocal.com/somerville/news/business/x1098985778/Keeping-the-birds-at-bay-with-electronics-at-Waste-Management

Bird-X Repellers Get Rid of Birds in Airplane Hangar

BirdXPeller Pro Proves Effective for Canadian Air Force

A recent article explains how well the BirdXPeller Pro electronic bird repeller has been in getting rid of purple martins, sparrows, and pigeons in a massive 20-plane hangar.

Here’s  a snippet:

In Borden, Canada, not far from Toronto, the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace and Engineering experienced another sort of bird problem. Though not as dramatic, it was nevertheless significant. The Canadian military unit turned to Bird-X, Inc., the long-time Chicago manufacturer of bird repellent technology, to solve that problem…

Read the complete article here: http://www.exchangemagazine.com/morningpost/2009/week13/Thursday/032606.htm

View the Bird-X Airport Bird Control System here.

U.S. Bank Uses Bird-X Repellers to Solve Pigeon Problem

Electronic Repellers Help Get Rid of Birds

Here’s a great news clip featuring yet another success story where Bird-X repellers are saving a customer time, money, and public image.


The news story features sounds from our BirdXPeller Pro or our Broadband Pro bird control systems.

Bird Sound Device Scares Birds Away from U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank in Davenport Uses Bird Sound Technology

Bird-X electronic sound device scares birds away from a bank in Davenport. Unsightly birds have left the nest and are looking to make a deposit elsewhere.

A stroke of brilliance or a bird brained idea? The jury is still out on the latest plan to chase off pigeons in downtown Davenport through sound. As you walk near Second Street at Main Street, it sounds like you have walked into an Alfred Hitchcock movie. You hear birds making lots of noise, but you probably won’t see any birds.

That’s because they are being chased away by menacing bird sounds being pumped in. Jacki O’Donnell with U.S. Bank in Davenport says the idea came from a wildlife expert. “There was one called Bird X. It guaranteed this recording would keep the birds away. It’s kind of a distress call and a predator call that keeps the birds from hanging around.”

O’Donnell says something had to be done. The brazen birds were targeting townspeople and leaving behind quite a mess. “It was a huge problem. We were power washing the sidewalks constantly. This has made a huge difference for us,” O’Donnell said. And those who stroll the sidewalks nearby have noticed the difference as well.

The speakers are mounted on top of the U.S Bank building and the nearby Redstone building in downtown Davenport.

Source: http://www.kwqc.com/global/story.asp?s=10037734

While the article doesn’t mention which product the bank used, we suggest using the BroadBand Pro or the BirdXPeller Pro for uses in urban areas.

BirdXPeller Pro

BirdXPeller Pro

Bird-X receives BBB’s “Complaint Free Award” for 2008

Better Business Bureau Complain Free Award

Better Business Bureau Complain Free Award

Bird-X Receives Complaint Free Award from the Better Business Bureau

We at Bird-X are happy to announce that we have recieved the “Complaint Free Award” from the BBB for business done in 2008. This means that our company has gone the entire year without a single complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau.  We are glad to accept this acknowledgement and hope to continue improving our service throughout 2009.

8 Ways That Birds and Bird Droppings Cost Your Company Money

8 Ways That Bird Droppings Cost Your Company Money

Birds and their droppings can cause a lot of damage. Here’s a  short list of ways that birds and bird droppings can effect the bottom line in businesses.

  1. Wasted Personnel Time
    • Time spent cleaning is a huge direct and opportunity cost
  2. Poor Quality/Negative Company Image
    • Unsightly, bird-dropping-laden premises are bad for employees and customers
  3. Risk of Inspection
    • OHSA, and other inspection agencies can cite, fine, or shut down operations for bird mess problems
  4. Risk of Disease
    • Employees and Customers – over 60 diseases are associated with birds and their droppings
  5. Financial Liability
    • Droppings from geese, pigeons can also create slip and fall hazards
  6. Machinery Downtime and False Alarms
    • Birds and/or bird droppings can get into machinery and cause failures or false alarms
  7. Depreciation of Assets
    • Acidic droppings shorten the life of valuable investments
  8. Product Waste
    • Bird Droppings make products unsalable, eating into profits.

Wondering what’s best for your bird control problem? Visit the Bird-X website to view our current line of products to find a suitable solution to any bird problem.

Bird Strike Forces American Airlines Emergency Landing in Denver

Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing

A Boeing 757 was forced to land today (Feb 3, 2009) as a result of a bird strike.  The plane had just taken off from Denver Int’l Airport on its way to San Francisco. Passengers stated that they could hear and feel the collision when the jet hit the bird.

Inspectors found a large dent on the engine casing where the alleged  bird strike occurred. Thankfully the plane successfully performed an emergency landing, avoiding any further damage or injuries.

This is the second bird strike reported by major news sources in the past few weeks. The U.S. Airways Hudson River is the last crash reported and drew a slew of media attention to the issues of bird strikes and airport bird control.

Source:  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,487504,00.html

View the Bird-X Airport Bird Control System here.

Bird-X’s Joe Seid on “Your World” with Neil Cavuto

Bird-X’s Joe Seid on “Your World” with Neil Cavuto

Bird Strikes and the U.S. Airways Hudson River Crash


Our Co-Principle Joe Seid recently appeared on Neil Cavuto‘s show, “Your World” to talk about the U.S. Airways Crash in Hudson River. In the discussion they cover bird strikes and how they affect the airline industry.

View the Bird-X Airport Bird Control System here.