Nature never seems to disappoint. When it comes to birds, their wide range of colors makes it difficult to not be astonished by its beauty. For every color of the rainbow and the hues in between, there is a bird who shines them bright. Get ready to be amazed by these six birds that make up the ROYGBIV. There is more to them than meets the eye—even though their looks are pretty satisfying themselves.

scarlet tanager

RED: The Scarlet Tanager can be found throughout the eastern area of North America. However, they are quite difficult to spot as they remain high within forest canopies; way far from sight. Although breeding male Scarlet Tanagers stay true to their name, female and nonbreeding males hold colors of a green-yellow color.

royal flycatcher, orange bird,

Daniel Lebin’s Original Photo

ORANGE: The Royal Flycatcher can be easily recognized by its orange tinted crest atop its head—illustrating the reason for its name. This colorful crown is displayed as means for courting or even as competition with other males for territory.

sultan tit, yellow bird,

Jason Thomson’s Original Photo

YELLOW: The Sultan Tit is a yellow crested songbird found in areas of Central Nepal, the eastern Himalayas, Northern Thailand, and Southern China. Bright yellow pigments can be spotted across their chest, as well as their head for a Mohawk-like appearance—giving them a punk rock sort of vibe.

livingstone's turaco, green bird, exotic bird

Livingstone’s Turaco

GREEN: The Livingstone’s Turaco is a crazy-beautiful exotic bird—from their green complexion, white tipped feathers, and all the way to their bold orange eye. Found in subtropical lowlands within Africa, their diet is primarily composed of fruits.

indigo bird, blue bird, exotic bird

BLUE: Within South America’s Amazon Rainforest dwells a bright-feathered bird known as the Spangled Cotinga. The males shines with a turquoise-blue hue while females are grey overall. Interestingly enough, the Spangled Ctinga does not vocalize. However, during flight, these birds are known to make a whistling sound with their wings.

indigo bunting bird, blue bird, indigo bird, colorful bird

INDIGO: Can you guess this next color? As observed through its name, Indigo bunting males hold indigo-colored feathers. These birds enjoy lounging in weedy and bushy areas while singing above treetops and shrubs. As night migrators, Indigo Buntings use the guidance of the stars to take them from place to place.

violet bird, purple bird, exotic bird, colorful bird

VIOLET: As one may have noticed, male birds apparently like to rock color more than females. Male Violet-backed Starlings can be recognized by their white bellies and violet back. These birds are rarely found on the ground, yet spotted in high places. As a monogamous species, Violet-backed starlings will remain with their mate until death.

Written by Nicole Afable for Bird-X, Inc.