Why Invest in Bird Control?

Birds can be very damaging to your property. In fact, they create millions of dollars in damage every year. When they nest, they can create hazardous conditions that require a substantial amount of cleanup. Bird infestations not only create property damage, but health hazards, liability issues, and can even spread disease.

Diseases & Health Issues

When it comes to birds there are more than a few diseases to be worried about. Birds and their droppings can carry over 60 different transmissible diseases. A bird problem can be particularly bad in residential or high-trafficked areas, where humans are more likely to be exposed to bird waste. Anytime someone steps into dropping puddles or onto dried droppings, the risk of diseases being released into the air increases.

In addition to the diseases they carry, pest birds are also associated with over 50 different types of ectoparasites. These parasites can work their way onto humans and bite. Each parasite can give its host a variety of health symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

Property Damage & Liability

Droppings are not only dangerous, but they are a mess and never a good display for a business. The longer the bird’s nest, the dirtier the area and the more difficult it will be to repair the damage and clean up. Bird droppings contain acidic substances that can corrode or stain when left for long periods of time. They can even discolor paint, destroy awnings, and ruin electrical equipment. Bird nests can also create other problems, such as clogging rain gutters, vents, chimneys, or drains. Along with its destructive nature, dropping buildup can also create a slippery surface which can result in a number of liability issues for businesses.

Investing in a bird control solution can help prevent the need to spend thousands of dollars on clean-up and building maintenance each year. Putting a simple system in place before any damage is done can save you financially in the long run. Finding the right product for you based on your property type, pest issue, and price point is important in making sure it is dealt with properly.

  • Bird Spikes

    Bird spikes are an easy solution for rooftop edges, window ledges, or anywhere birds may try to nest or land. Using a physical barrier like this is the most effective way in keeping birds off a ledge or surface. Once bird spikes are installed there is little to no maintenance needed to continue the bird deterrent. Note: Bird spikes work best if used in an area where nesting has not yet occurred.

  • Electronic Bird Control

    With a variety to choose from, electronic bird control options allow you to select a product based on your property size and type. These sonic or ultrasonic devices produce effective audio that deters, annoys, and disorients birds, forcing them to seek a new location to rest.

  • Bird Netting

    Bird netting is a 100% effective, low-profile, and long-lasting solution against pest bird infestation. Install bird netting to get rid of barn swallows, pigeons and more. The application will provide protection of valuable areas where products, crops, and other property must be kept safe.

Finding the right bird control method for you and your business may be difficult. If you’re unsure how to determine what the best solution is for you our experts are here to help! Bird-X is here to help create the most effective bird control plan that meets your needs.

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