Bird Strobe Light

A silent but highly effective approach to bird control, the Bird Strobe Light is disorienting and intolerable to pigeons and other pest birds. The flashes of light and frightening shadows have a long history of success at driving away unwanted guests. 

  • SILENT – visually terrify without audibly bothering humans
  • FLEXIBLE – 10,000 sq ft of coverage makes it perfect for warehouses
  • GUARANTEED – 30 days money back if you are dissatisfied



With a range of up to 10,000 square feet, the Bird Strobe Light uses multicolor stroboscopic light to drive away pest birds. The intimidating and intense red, white, and blue light flashes 75 times per minute at 1 million candlepower. This makes the indoor space you are protecting completely undesirable to birds, while remaining noise free for humans.