Mega Blaster PRO

Effective wide-area bird control! The Mega Blaster PRO is our most powerful covers sonic bird control system. It covers up to 30 acres, broadcasting distress calls at up to 125 decibels that frighten infesting birds away for good. 

Not available for online purchase. For more information on ordering, please contact our sales team at (800) 662-5021

Our most powerful system features two high-output amplifiers that drive our specially-designed 20 speaker tower. The intense sound output covers up to 30 acres (12 hectares). It features solid-state electronics mounted inside a NEMA-type control box, suitable for almost any large outdoor application. The generating unit mounts easily to a post or pole using the included hardware.

Mega Blaster PRO comes pre-recorded in four different configurations for the most common bird infestations. Choose any or all of the eight sounds, including predators to give birds even more of a sense of danger. Customize by choosing volume and silent time between sounds.

Birds are stubborn and territorial, returning year after year. Mega Blaster Pro uses their memory against them and scares them away repeatedly so they learn not to return.

NOTICE: This unit is capable of producing sound output up to 125 decibels. Hearing protection is recommended.