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Fall Bird Season – Keep Birds Away All Year

The fall season brings its own unique challenges regarding bird control, but acting now can help keep birds away all year long.
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Keep rodents away with organic rodent repellent

Can you keep rodents away without using traps or poisons? One expert put our organic repellent to the test.

Keeping Vineyards Safe from Hungry Birds

Vineyards can be targeted by a variety of birds that can literally eat an owners profits. Fortunately we offer solutions to keep birds away.

Koi Pond Problems: Keeping Predators Away

Koi ponds can prove an attractive target for birds. Here are some tips to help keep your koi pond safe from hungry birds.
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scare eyes balloon hanging on sailboat mast

Boats and birds: how one family keeps birds off their boat

Florida boat owners used Terror Eyes balloons to keep all kinds of birds from making a mess and causing damage to their boat.
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Lifelike Visual Scares for Birds

Visual scares for birds need to be lifelike and have some element of movement to be effective at keeping birds away.