Annie Gavin and green cheek conure

Bird-X Welcomes Newest Team Member to their Flock

Annie Gavin joins the Bird-X team as the company's Marketing Manager.

‘Hoot’ Knows Owls Best?

Piercing eyes, delicate feathers, and sharp talons are just some of the recognizable features of this popular raptor. As they perch in silence with their big round eyes, owl’s come off as these mysterious creatures of whom you always want to know more. Around 216 species of owls exist in the world today…But, how much do you know about them? Here are 5 spellbinding owl facts that work to support how interesting this raptor is.
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The Wild Turkey: A True American Original

Benjamin Franklin had formed a strong opinion about the bald eagle, and believed we shouldn’t have a bully of a bird who stole from other hard working animals representing our country!
bed bug, infestation, bug infestation,

Bed Bug Infestation - A Real-Life Tale

A real-life story of a bed bug infestation from one Bird-X staffer and what it can take to get rid of this persistant pest.
deer mouse

Keep rodents away with organic rodent repellent

Can you keep rodents away without using traps or poisons? One expert put our organic repellent to the test.

When squirrels attack...

The single best invention by human beings is the internet. Not…

How to keep your neighbor's dog from pooping in your yard

How do you keep dogs out of your yard? How do you stop your neighbor's dog from pooping on your yard?