Solar Panel Products

Solar-Powered Electronic Bird Control Systems

Solar panels are an efficient, cost-saving way to run your electronic bird control and pest repellent devices. Solar powered repellers are ideal in remote areas where electricity is not available & in other outdoor situations where you want 24/7 protection without using too much energy. Purchasing solar panels is a great one-time investment that will keep your Bird-X electronic products ON while keeping the power supply OFF.

Note: Solar powered panel charges battery connected to your electronic device; battery purchased separately.

Bird-X offers solar powered panels to power our low-wattage bird and pest repellers. The solar panels are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to operate efficiently in sunlight. They are also great for charging storage batteries associated with much more than just bird control devices. Use them to power remote homes, recreational vehicles, boats, telecommunication systems & other electric generation application.

Solar Panel Products Compatability

Large Solar Panel

Small Solar Panel

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