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Does Ultrasonic Bird Control Really Work? Here’s What the Science Says.

How do we know that ultrasonic bird control actually works?  We can look at scientific observations made by Dr. Whitford, Professor Emeritus in the Biology Department of Capital University.

Dr. Whitford experimented with a goose by using an ultrasonic device in a university sound lab – testing with a burst of 22,00 cs (Hz) sound.  Regardless of whether the goose could ‘hear’ the sound, its reaction was shocking.  The goose toppled over instantly and became a rigid mass of flesh.  The eyelids flickered open and closed.  When the sound stopped, the goose recovered within a minute and stood, seemingly unharmed. This was repeated several times with the same results; the experiment was then cut short, due to the extreme distress experienced by the goose.

This is one of multiple studies conducted by Dr. Whitford, clearly indicating that birds do, in fact, respond adversely to ultrasonic frequencies.

“Is there scientific evidence that ultrasound can be heard or felt in some other way by birds and possibly does work? I can say unequivocally, yes, based on my many years research in animal behavior.” – Dr. Whitford

Dr. Philip Whitford has a Ph.D. in biological sciences, specializing in animal behavior. He also has BS and MS degrees in wildlife management. The findings from his extensive studies of the Canada goose have been presented in over 100 publications.

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