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How to Keep Common Pests out of your Garden

by Annie Gavin

Has the neighbor’s cat overstayed its welcome in your yard? Or perhaps you were hoping to have a more bountiful harvest, but rabbits have been helping themselves to the fruits of your labor? Whatever the problem is, there is an effective, humane way to handle it that doesn’t involve harmful pesticides. Here are a few options you may want to consider to keep common pests out of your garden.

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices are easy to use and silent to most humans. They work by emitting high-frequency soundwaves that irritate pests and deter them from the covered area. Here are a few highly rated ultrasonic devices that were made for outdoor residential applications.

Yard Gard

Keep Common Pests out of your Garden

Yard Gard in a garden

The Yard Gard is effective against a wide variety of pest animals such as skunks, deer, cats, raccoons, rabbits and other small animals. The low profile design allows you to place the system nearly anywhere without ruining aesthetics. The Yard Gard has a variety of programming options including a motion sensor that allows you to program the device to go off when motion is detected.

Deer Gard

Like the Yard Gard, the Deer Gard is a low profile Ultrasonic Device that is specifically tailored to deter deer from the area.

Balcony Gard

balcony gard

The Balcony Gard is manufactured to repel birds from small outdoor areas. This is especially effective in areas that would be tempting for a bird to make a nest such as a porch, patio, balcony or AC unit. Balcony Gard works similarly to the Yard Gard and Deer Gard.



Irri-tape in a vineyard

Irri-Tape is a holographic, reflective tape that flashes blinding light and makes an unsettling noise when it flaps in the wind. The multi-sensory attack startles pests and drives them from the area. Irri-Tape is perfect for agricultural applications and is trusted by vineyards and farms to keep crops safe.

Hydro Critter Blaster

The Hydro Critter Blaster connects to your garden hose and has a built-in sensor that detects movement up to 11 meters away. When movement is detected, the Hydro Critter Blaster deploys an unexpected blast of water which startles pests and deters them from the area. For best results, position the Hydro Critter Blaster to face the problem area.

Bird Stop

bird stop one gallon liquid container on ground

Bird Stop is a taste aversion liquid that uses all-natural, non-toxic, safe ingredients to deter pests from the area. The liquid uses a derivative of grapes to make the area it’s applied to taste bitter and smell irritating to grazing pests. Applying the liquid to your garden will make pests turn their nose to your plants and find another place to graze.

Predator Decoys

Predator Decoys are a great way to keep common pests out of your garden. The decoys utilize the pests’ natural instincts to flee from predators and conditions them to stay away from an area they perceive as a threat.

Coyote Replica

Perfect for lawn and garden application (and not to mention a menacing Halloween decoration), the Coyote predator decoy frightens pests such as geese, raccoons, rabbits and squirrels. This lifelike replica also features a fur tail that moves in the wind to add an extra sense of danger for the pest animal.

Prowler Owl

OWL application pic

The Prowler Owl is another lifelike predator decoy that keeps smaller pests, such as birds and rodents out of gardens and yards. The Great Horned Owl replica has wings that flap in the wind, adding an even more lifelike element to the decoy. Relocate the Prowler Owl regularly to increase effectiveness. The always moving “hunting” posture keeps pests away.

Gator Guard

Gator Guard

The Gator Guard is excellent for any water application: koi ponds, pools and more. The lifelike replica floats and moves with the water as its mirrored eyes reflect sunlight and startle pests with flashes of light. The Gator Guard effectively deters geese, ducks, herons, and other pests from the water it’s guarding

Terror Eyes

Terror Eyes

Terror Eyes is a spherical balloon that can be installed nearly anywhere. Its bright colors and fierce features mimic natural predators. Holographic eyes create the illusion of a predator following pests to attack while moving organically with the wind.

Scare-Eye Balloons

scare eyes

Like Terror Eyes, Scare-Eye Balloons keep pests away with an intimidating profile that moves with the wind and makes pests feel threatened. Scare-Eye Balloons come in a set of three and are a cost-effective solution for at-home pest management.

Implementing one or more of these humane pest control solutions can help protect your garden and yard from a wide variety of pest animals. If you have questions, give our knowledgeable team a call and we can help you figure out the best solution to keep common pests out of your garden.

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