Airport Bird Control System

Reduce the risk of bird strikes, decrease bird damage costs, and increase the safety of passengers and employees. The Bird-X Airport Bird Control System is a comprehensive wildlife control system specifically designed to repel birds and other pest animals away from airports and runways. Attack wildlife with three different sound sources! Condition pest birds and animals to stay away without hazardous chemicals or dangerous traps.

The Airport Bird Control System consists of 4 effective bird control products:

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Effective for up to 30 acres, the Airport Bird Control System consists of four popular and effective pest control products. The Mega Blaster PRO repels birds using recorded predator cries and bird distress calls, and covers up to 30 acres. The Critter Blaster PRO repels wildlife including deer. The GooseBuster specifically repels geese using unique Canada goose alert and alarm calls, and covers up to 7 acres. And the Bird Stop is a taste aversion gel that can be applied to grass, turf, crops, and structures and has a taste and smell that birds avoid. In combination, these products deliver a powerful message to pest birds and animals to stay away. By conditioning birds and other animals that the targeted areas are unwelcoming and perceived as threatening, they learn to stay away from the area for good.

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